Beret selection

- Aug 27, 2018-

  1. Style

Berets have evolved to the present, styles... there are many, many, many:

The earliest and most common beret, although the overall soft and flat, but wearing it will have a facade to display the military emblem.

Looking at the façade of Zhongji Ouba, is there some sense of majesty?


This style is a common style. The advantage of this type of hat is that it can be flipped back and forth. It looks different in different ways.


There is also a hat like a pumpkin, even a recognizable hat, which is round in shape. It is also the original painter's hat, which looks more cute and delicate, and makes people feel more energetic when worn.


Now it is ~ now a certain absolute version is not completely present, designers often do some combination according to their own preferences.

2. On the color

Finally, in the choice of color, the most classic versatile is black, suitable for matching a more eye-catching costume.


The conspicuous finishing touch is no more than bright red, orange, yellow and so on. These bright colors can brighten the dark clothes, but if online shopping? Be careful and cautious when choosing, be sure to pay attention to the color difference when purchasing!


Be a neutral, easy to match, of course, camel and beige, warm and temperament, very suitable for the cold autumn and winter.


Of course, the color range of the beret is really too wide, except for a variety of monochrome, as well as a variety of plaid, striped, pearl-set rivets... everyone can choose according to their own preferences With the clothing in the closet, you can choose it.

Ok, after reading today's push, do you know how to choose a beret?