choose the styles of hats

- May 31, 2018-

Hats are style enhancing accessories worn throughout the year. There are different types of hats appropriate for cold and warm seasons accordingly. Among the great variety of hats it is sometimes difficult to choose one style only. So if you have a weakness for hats learn more about them and fill your wardrobe with different types of hats that will suit you perfectly. Use them for different outfits and have a nice and elegant look.

How to Wear a Hat

Hats have a long history. During times some hats have been updated, others, however, have remained the same. A hat does not only serve as a head garment protecting you from weather conditions or serving for fashionable purposes, but it has a significant importance. It can be worn on religious basis, can be a part of a uniform or can identify a title.

Practical hats are those, which serve for a certain purpose, not just for the reason of having a great or accentuated stylish look. To this type belong, for example, hats for school uniforms, sporting club uniform matching hats, culinary hats, normally used in restaurants or in food production for hygiene purposes, garden straw hats, military, navy, police hats and so on. For sporting purposes there are special hats that are appropriate for the particular sport.

In order to have wider knowledge about hats and know which style to match with certain clothes, let’s see which type of hats is appropriate for summer and winter, as well as how to wear hats right.

Winter Hat Styles

The best style for winter hats is the beanie hat, worn snugly on top of the head. Think beanie hats with puffy balls on top or even with visors. For winter time it is recommended to take hats with ear flaps as well, since the two sides of the latter hang on your ears and make you feel warm. Berets, fedoras and knitted hats are also appropriate for winter wear.

When it comes to the material, you can opt for heavy fabrics: woolen ones, for example. You can have knitted hats too. Also feel free to take fur hats as well. Mostly, they are quite puffy and as large as a person’s head is. However, they are the warmest hats ever and are the best for extremely cold winter.

Summer Hat Styles

Short or wide brimmed hats are convenient to wear in summer. The wide brimmed ones protect ideally from the sun. There are dozens of lovely styles with girly fabrics and unique embellishments.

For those, who aim to create a casual style, a baseball cap can also be picked. It is both light and is an ideal choice for jeans and a top.

Cloche hats create a vintage look. Pick a straw cloche for summer.

Panamas are the best for summer wear. You can easily wear it on the beach especially.

Fedora hats that are extremely stylish, feminine and sexy come in light and bright fabrics, so you can wear them in summer as well.

Once you choose a type of a hat it is important to check if it goes well with your facial features.