how to dress when wearing a hat

- May 31, 2018-

How to Dress When Wearing a Hat

It is sometimes difficult to dress up when we are going to wear a hat. The styles and fabrics should certainly match. So have a look at these few fashion tips of combining an outfit with a hat.


A beret that is typically worn in winter will add freshness to your gloomy coats. For instance, berets in lighter shades will brighten up dark coats. You can also use other contrasting accessories like bright gloves and a scarf to complement your entire look. For a more classical look wear a beret that is the same color as your scarf and mittens. You can have straight, curly or wavy hair hanging under the beret.


When wearing fedoras, opt for feminine outfits, like a flowing dress and tights. Since fedoras are versatile of fabric and straw in different colors, you can also have different looks with them. Feel free to wear a fedora both for formal attire wearing a suit, and for a casual outfit, like jeans, a top and summer sandals.

Schoolboy Cap

For a better result, wear the beanie an inch pushed back from your hairline. A beanie goes well with casual, urban clothing pieces, such as ripped jeans, some jacket and boots.

Wild Brim Hat

They are worn down on the head at an angle. The front brim sometimes dips slightly at the left, middle or right side of the face. This type of a hat can be worn with an elegant maxi dress. They are ideal for a little formal tight dress as well. The hat will serve as an additional accent for the dress. However, you can also take it to the beach and wear with your swimwear.

Cowboy Hat

They are best matched with jeans and a shirt or an ordinary top. Also do not forget about cowboy boots.