how to wash a baseball cap in the washing machine

- Jun 09, 2018-

Machine washing can be unhealthy for caps, but you can do it in some circumstances. Avoid machine washing if your washing machine is a top loader with an agitator. Use a gentle cycle, and do not wash your cap in hot water. Warm and cold are fine.

Do not put your baseball cap in the dryer, always air dry. You can set it in front of a fan to dry more quickly.

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Some people swear by washing their baseball caps in the dishwasher, but again, you may want to think twice before trying it yourself. They get too hot for caps and dishwashing detergent can contain bleach.

To help your cap keep its shape in the washing machine, you can buy a cap shaper, which is a frame that holds your hat in shape as it washes. Avoid using it in a washer that tumbles the clothes as they clean, such as a front loader.

To dry, remove from the washer and leave in the cap shaper to dry.

Shaping and Care

Baking soda is a part of how to clean a baseball cap. Use it to keep the cap smelling fresh.

While air drying, make sure it dries in the proper shape. If need be, reshape larger floppy hats by wadding up a towel and using it to press the cap into its preferred shape.

Once your cap is dryer, you can wear it as it dries to make sure it dries into the proper shape for your head. Maintaining shape is of particular importance for wool hats.

To keep your hat clean, try using a spray stain repellent on the baseball cap. Between washings,use baking soda to keep it smelling fresh. Sprinkle a bit in the hat, let sit then shake out.

Keep Your Caps Clean and Pretty

Take good care of your baseball caps, and won't need to wash that often.

While they may seem like a minor accessory, baseball hats can bring together an outfit. You want your caps to look as fantastic as the rest of your attire. Most people overlook the impact that a baseball cap can have on your appearance so by taking the time to care for your hat, you’re standing out among the crowd.