how to wear a flat cap

- Aug 17, 2019-

How to wear your Flat Cap. Seems simple. And it can be.

The traditional tip from experts like Betsy Barbieux from Image Inside & Out say, “Hats should fit down on your forehead NOT on the back of your head. Hats should always be worn forward, either tilted to one side or square on the head.”

Flat Caps are more than your average hat. Flat Caps have personality all their own, you just have to know how to release and target that energy to bring out the attitude that you want to portrait.

For the traditional or professional, you are best to stick with the straight-ahead look sitting solidly on your head. It gives a solid crisp touch to your look.

For the more fashion-forward wearers, there is the tilt. The tilt should generally lean the same direction that your hair flows across your forehead. Most times, men to the right and women to the left. The angle of the tilt is like the volume knob on your stereo. The more extreme the tilt angle, the more aggressive your fashion-forward statement.

The not as common but seen option is the Flat Cap that sits with the brim pointing upward and sitting far back on the head. This usually signifies a young man with a very casual, social attitude. Depending on the hairstyle, this can be nice alternative for young ladies with a fun loving, fashion conscious persona.

And an even more rare sighting is the flipped backwards look that personally should be reserved for the rare individual like Samuel L. Jackson that can pull it off.

When you get a new flat cap, stand in front of your mirror and try all of these options. You’ll be amazed with how simple is to change your persona with every tilt.