The history of the beret

- Aug 24, 2018-

The earliest colors of the beret are black and brown. At the earliest in the 15th century, shepherds in southwestern France liked to wear a round, non-slip hood that was woven from brown wool. This kind of hat can be worn on the head to protect the rain, pick it up to wipe the sweat, or put it on the ground as a cushion.

Later, the beret was first introduced to Bacchus, and the beret had the name of Basque beret. The reason why it is called the painter's hat may be related to the enthusiasm of painters such as Rembrandt.

But for the image of the beret, most people must stay in the military!

The handsome character of the beret must also come from here. After all, it has developed into an innocent soft standard military cap, which is a symbol of the special forces of some national military forces.

The reason why it began to become military equipment is actually nothing. It was not because of the rise of the British tanks during the First World War, in order to be able to move freely in the small space of the tank, the soldiers found it.

Of course, in the twentieth century in Europe, the beret slowly began to be worn by women. Because of the different colors and different colors, the style began to form and began to be retro and elegant.

In the 1930s, the popularity of the beret reached its peak, when the magazine was on the street and there were women wearing berets everywhere. In 1940, the berets became more diverse, and people began to add feathers, laces, gems, etc... to the berets...