tip 4 to do with a fedora hat

- May 18, 2018-

Fedora and Menswear Inspired Outfits

If you are getting ready to party hard tonight, you can always find inspiration for what to wear in Michael Jackson’s stage outfits. Michael Jackson was not only a style icon and one of the greatest entertainers of all time; he was also a proud owner of a truly amazing fedora hats collection. Choose a nice and classy boyfriend blazer, a necktie and a black and white fedora. This will make a very interesting, mysterious look.

Fedora and Menswear Outfits Combination

  • Hat: Regular Size Banded Cotton Fedora Hat

  • Jacket: Robert Rodriguez

  • Pants: MaxMara

  • Blouse : St. Emile

  • Shoes: Alexander Wang

  • Accessories: Otazu Rock Star Bracelet and Pink Bow Tie