What kind of autumn and winter hat is suitable for a small girl?

- Aug 28, 2018-

If your face is: 

1, oval: suitable for large brim, flat brim or a hat with a slope. 

2. Round shape: A longer crown with an asymmetrical brim can increase the length of the face without making the face look too full. 

3. Square shape: Irregular edges and conspicuous crowns will make the face look more beautiful; and the hat will be worn at an angle to soften the edges and corners of the face. 

4, long shape: to avoid the brim is too narrow; moderate brim can make the face look wider. 

5. Triangle: Choose a short and asymmetrical brim or high cap to line your eyes and keep your eyes away from your chin. 

6, heart shape: choose a small and high hat, so that people will not pay attention to your small chin, avoid large and heavy styles. A hat is the best ornament for a woman. It is much larger than a shoe or a handbag. It plays a finishing touch in the overall outfit of women. It combines practical value with ornamental value, and it is a continuation of female personality and the unique charm of the individual. Western women are well versed in this point. In the film "My Fair Lady", Audrey Hepburn's luxurious hat is impressive, and the Princess Diana, who has passed away, has driven the popularity of the feathered triangle hat. At the clothing conferences of many big brands, the hats are applied to the extreme and the viewing is extremely strong. Designers not only use ordinary feathers, chiffon or silk flowers, but also use some high-tech new materials to make the hat more reminiscent, and make the overall look of the model more eye-catching. 

Color: Some people set the black, brown, gray and part of the red tone as the classic color of the hat. The basic principle of choosing a hat is to coordinate according to the hue of the whole body to achieve a harmonious effect. A brightly colored hat will give you a feeling of vitality. Try to choose cool colors away from warm colors, such as green, lemon yellow, light pink, light blue and so on. Priority can be given to neutral colors such as black and brown, which are easy to match with clothes. Try to avoid colors that contrast with the color of your clothes. Choosing the same color is a wise choice. 

Materials: I really don't know what materials can't be used, especially in the eyes of designers. One silk, one cloth and even one bright flower. The advancement of modern technology and the improvement of the production process have made many materials that were impossible.

 Style: Can anyone tell me how many styles of hat space? No. In the fashion arena, as long as it is on the head of the model, it can be called a hat. That is the designer's exaggeration, can only be used to see. The following hats are beautiful and practical. 

Big hat: It can best reflect the gentleness of the girl. The main material is a slightly thick cotton cloth. If your haircut is just a fluffy wave, then a big hat is the best fit. Under the wide hat is your looming gaze, letting you show full femininity. 

Beret: Used by many countries for military caps, it gives the beret a cool temperament. The style is simple and the hat type is crisp. Below the hat is a waterfall like a waterfall, people can't help but look back and see more. 

Cap: Just like the ad word. Young, nothing can't. Who said it is a male exclusive product. When a girl wears it, her personality is unreservedly publicized, reflecting her capable neutral style. Not necessarily a solid color, the combination of gray and yellow will make you look particularly eye-catching. Cowboy hat: The distinctive hat shape reflects the vitality of the western cowboy. The coolest expression is to raise your eyes and look at people in a half-cover. There are two colors of embroidery and solid color. If the inside of the hat is printed, it must be turned up when wearing it. Both long hair and short hair can be tried. 

Fisherman's Hat: It is a small tubular hat. It is a must-have accessory for every fashion girl. Many girls choose it when they travel. Some hats have different colors in and out of the hat. They can be worn on both sides, which is not only suitable for girls' changing personality, but also economical. 

Tip: A small friend is suitable to wear any type of hat, and a person with a big head is better not to wear a head tight cap, which makes the head bigger; a short friend does not wear a flat top wide hat; a long face shaped person, Suitable for women wearing wide-brimmed hats and gray skin, don't choose gorgeous hats.