Clothing Processing In The Types Of Stitch What?

- Nov 08, 2017-

1, stitches stitching: is a number of stitches mutual cycle loop stitches at the edge of the stitch sewing. According to the number of stitches composed of stitches called the name (single-line overlock, double overlock ... six-seam package). Its characteristics are to make the edge of the sewing material is enveloped, play to prevent the role of fabric edges off.

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2, stretch seam stitching: by more than two needle thread and a hook thread wear each other, and sometimes plus a front or two decorative lines. Stretch stitch stitching is characterized by strong, good stretchability, stitching smooth, in some cases (such as stitching seam) can also play to prevent the edge of the fabric off the role.

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3, lock stitch: also known as shuttlecock trace, cross-linked by the two sutures in the sewing material, the ends of the material was the same shape. Commonly used in the sewing of two pieces of material. Such as stitching, sewing province, such as bagging.