Clothing Processing Steps In The Production Process What?

- Nov 08, 2017-

Playing a version is divided into: Figure hit version, sample board. Customers can be set according to the actual situation, a sample clothes can be provided directly to the garment manufacturers, if you want to make your favorite picture style, and no sample situation, but also directly to the clothing manufacturers, apparel manufacturers Professional system board sector can be completed according to the system board

Matters needing attention: In the open before the opening planted workers must be carefully controlled according to the kind of clothing to check the mark frame, check whether in the row mark when there is wrong plank or chip leakage phenomenon. Customers should note that a large amount of goods on the planting bed began to cut after the cut is not halfway to change the design and size. Because planted into small pieces of the film can not make any changes, once the main change caused by a large loss of virtually increase costs.