Fashion Processing Fabrics Modal

- Nov 08, 2017-

High-humidity modulus cellulose regenerated fiber, the raw material using the European beech. The raw materials of the product are all natural materials, which are harmless to the human body and can be naturally decomposed and harmless to the environment.

There is no pollution in the entire production of fiber.

Modal fiber dry strength close to the polyester, wet strength than conventional viscose increased a lot, gloss, softness, moisture absorption, dyeing, color fastness are better than pure cotton products;

It is made of fabric, showing a shiny silk, with a pleasant soft touch and drape feeling and excellent wear resistance.

Modal fiber fabric characteristics

Combines the luxurious texture of natural fibers with the practicality of synthetic fibers. With cotton soft, silk luster, hemp smooth, and its water absorption, permeability are better than cotton, with

High dye uptake, fabric bright and full color. Modal fiber can be mixed with a variety of fibers, intertwined, such as cotton, linen, silk, etc., in order to enhance the quality of these fabrics so that the fabric can maintain

Soft, smooth, play their own characteristics of the fiber to achieve better results.