Soviet Air Force Cap

- Aug 14, 2018-

As Army generals and marshals wore new wave green (AKA "Tsar" green) parade uniforms at the various WW2 victory parades in 1945, so too did Air Force general officers. This uniform was short-lived in Air Force service, however, lasting only until 1948 when it was replaced by a khaki dress uniform. That in turn lasted just a few more years until the signature dark blue parade uniform was introduced for Air Force generals that lasted until the collapse of the USSR.

Shown here is a cap from the Sinclair Collection (from the book World War II Parade Uniforms of the Soviet Union - Marshals, Generals and Admirals). The crown is wave green and both band and piping are light blue (azure) - the distinguishing color for the Air Force for the entire Cold War period. Stylized laurel leaves are embroidered directly onto the band in gilt wire, while a gilt wire wreath with light blue "ties" at the bottom are either embroidered directly or sewn as a separate emblem onto the band. This wreath in turn surrounds a round one-piece M-1943 Air Force generals cockade, with its light blue background and gilt edging. Gilt filigree cords are held in place above a rounded black-painted fiberboard visor by two brass buttons embossed with the Great Seal of the USSR. Notice there was NO embroidery on the visor during this period. The lack of wings on the crown was a particular regulation feature of this cap; in contrast to all other Air Force caps which distinguished flight/non-flight status by their wear