Tips For Wearing The Black Beret

- Oct 25, 2018-


Ensure the beret is the correct
size.  Soldiers should
typically wear berets the same
sizes as their BDU caps

2– Don the beret so that
the edge binding (headband) is one
inch above the eyebrows and fits
straight across the forehead. 
The beret should be form fitting
across the head.

3– Center the Flash and the
Stiffener above the left eye.

4– Pull the excess material
down to the right side so that it
touches the right ear but does not
extend below the middle of the

5– Tighten or loosen the
adjusting ribbon for a secure fit.

6– Tie the adjusting ribbon
into a non-slip knot and cut off
the ends.

7– Tuck the ribbon knot
inside the edge binding at the
back of the beret.