What Is The Use Of Fleece Fabric With More

- Nov 08, 2017-

Knitted fabrics, its ingredients are generally polyester, soft touch. It is the first of two domestic winter cold products of choice. Polar fleece can also be combined with all the fabric processing, so that the effect of cold better.

Polar fleece first produced in Taiwan in China in the early nineties, from the circular knitting fabric, high temperature and pressure dyeing, and then finishing (such as combing, shearing, shaking, shaping and other processes). Looking at our domestic fleece production level, fleece quality is better in Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang fleece prices better.

Polar fleece pigment and printing points, plain fleece according to individual requirements are different, can be divided into the drawing of fleece (Drop-needle polar fleece), embossed fleece (emboss polar fleece), jacquard Jacquard polar fleece and many more. Printed fleece printing paddles different, infiltration printing, plastic paddle printing, transfer printing color bars, and so on more than 200 varieties.